Custom style for ilPost.it

Watch out, this article is outdated.

// Focused reading for my favourite newspaper

Since I spend a lot of time reading the (incredibly always interesting) articles written by the team over at ilpost.it, I took the time to review and clean up some CSS style I wrote to customise the article view.

While on Safari I always use the reader mode (which is not customisable in any way), while on other browsers I had to rely on the, often lacking, alternatives.

The goal was to create a cleaner way to read articles, focusing on the text and reducing distractions.



screenshot beforescreenshot before


screenshot afterscreenshot after

  • Hidden all distracting elements
  • Changed fonts to Noto
  • Increased the font-size for readibility reasons
  • Reduced the size of the audio player
  • Reduced the impact of the comments button and the suggested articles


You can download or copy the CSS style directly from my new Github repository.

Update 2024-01-09: Il Post released a new design and this CSS styling may not work anymore. Thankfully it’s also much less needed now.

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