Apps Default 2023

// A list of the apps I use

A bit late to the party but here I go:

  • Email: iCloud + Default Mail app
  • Browser: Arc + Safari
  • Task management: Things + Reminders
  • Bookmarks: mymind
  • Photo shooting: Default camera app + Halide + Spectre
  • Photo editing: Lightroom
  • Notes: Apple Notes + Bear
  • Writing: iA Writer
  • Finance: My bank’s app
  • Read later: GoodLinks
  • Password manager: 1Password
  • Music: Apple Music
  • Messaging: WhatsApp
  • Sport: Suunto + Freeletics



Not much to say here. I neither write nor receive enough emails to justify anything more powerful than the default Mail app.


Once you get used to it, moving away from Arc (on macOS) becomes really difficult. It’s also really interesting to follow closely such an active team, that comes up with new releases every few weeks (or maybe even more often). Safari is still my default on iPhone and iPad and sometimes I open it up on my MacBook as well.

Task manager

Things is probably my favourite app in the world and I use Reminders only for some shared lists. I tried to make the switch and move everything there but it didn’t work. There’s just an abyss that separates the two. For work related tasks and documentation, everything is in Notion since that’s what we use.


Even if it’s not for everyone, I love almost everything about mymind. Sure, their app could be improved a bit but the simplicity of just throwing everything in there and being sure you’ll find it again is priceless[^It actually has a pretty high and well defined price]. Whenever I let my subscription expire, I regret it shortly after. Also, amazing approach at privacy and principles in general.

Photo shooting

For some reason I renewed Halide but the reality is that the default Camera app covers 99% of my needs. I still enjoy using Spectre for long captures, especially when crowds are involved.

Photo editing

I’ve been using Lightroom for so many years that I don’t even want to think about moving somewhere else, honestly. That being said, next year I want to try a cheaper solution (still need to figure out what that might look like).


Apple Notes serves me perfectly well for my personal notes and, since it’s made by Apple, it integrates greatly with all my devices and offers good enough sharing features. Because I don’t want to mix research, personal, and work stuff, I use Bear for my research notes and Notion (with my company account) for work related ones.


If you want to write for real, focus deeply, and lose yourself in your world there is simply nothing better than iA Writer.

Read later

My requirements in this regards are just those of having a nice place where to store files for later. GoodLinks is a beautiful and extremely polished native app for iOS that costs only a few bucks once. Do you really need more than that?

Password manager

As Keenan said, I use 1Password, like a sane person”.


I grew sick of how Spotify kept changing their UI and suggesting me stuff I wasn’t interested in so I tried Apple Music. Here I rediscovered the old way of listening to music: much more focused on albums, which is closer to how I organise music in my mind.


I live in Europe so there really isn’t any alternative to WhatsApp here…


I’m so happy with my Suunto 9 Peak Pro that I’ll probably write something just about that. The app that comes with it is also much better than Garmin’s. That, paired with Freeletics (which is the only app that keeps me on track with my exercises), is everything I need.

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