Apps stack for 2023

// As you will see, the one below is a pretty opinionated list

I avoid apps that try to do a thousand different things and end up doing all of them in a bad way. I much prefer simple apps that have great UX, beautiful UI, and a clear set of features.

I also try to follow the concept of Max VP when selecting which apps to use and I try to focus on what I really need from them.

Default apps when they’re enough

Apple default apps like Calendar, Mail, Notes, Finder/Files and Safari do what I really need them to do, simple as that.

Apple Notes wins, in this case, over Bear and other similar apps thanks to its integration within Apple ecosystem but also because of how it manages attachments, images, and handwritten notes.

Things 3 to manage my personal life

Things 3 integrates the GTD principles in a really easy to use way and it’s a pleasure to use.

I consider this a Max VP.

My BuJo kind of workflow fits perfectly with how NotePlan works and I love having everything in one place.

Bear for research stuff

I could use Apple Notes or NotePlan for this, but I like to keep things separate. Also, Bear is such a pleasure to use that I want a reason to keep opening it.

I consider this a Max VP.

iA Writer for long form writing

Similar as above, I could write in Bear or another one of the apps I am already using, but none hold up with iA Writer’s pure-writing experience. It’s only app that I can open and just start writing without losing focus for hours.

I consider this a Max VP.

mymind as a second brain

It’s such a pleasure to have a place where you know you can throw anything you want to make sure you can find again later. The mymind apps keeps improving and I am happy supporting them since I deeply agree with their principles.

Raycast as Spotlight replacement

It’s just unbelievable how powerful Raycast is. Run shortcuts, write commands, or launch extensions from the store: the limit of stuff you can do with it gets pushed further away with every release.

I used to have both combined in Reeder 5 but not being able to manage items in bulk really annoyed me.

GoodLinks is clean, reliable, and doesn’t require a subscription.

Spotify for music and Endel for focus sounds

Endel provides an always-ready never-ending soundscape waiting for you for every scenario is a bliss. It really helps me focus when I need to (way more than just putting on some albums or playlist on Spotify).

CleanShot X to capture and annotate stuff on my screen

CleanShot X allows you to capture and annotate screenshots, grab videos, and upload them to the cloud before sharing online. And it’s nicely integrated in the OS.

Lightroom, Figma, Procreate, etc.

I use Lightroom to organise and edit photos I shoot with my mirrorless camera, Figma to design almost anything I need, Procreate and Fresco to draw on the iPad, and Pixelmator Pro to replace Photoshop on my MacBook.

Updated on Feb 23, 2023

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