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Hi, I’m Francesco, a UX Design manager living in Amsterdam.

I currently work as Head of UX Design at Greenflux and I write about different things that interest me.

Have a look at some of my writing

Fran's Realm
Wishing for a better Apple Notes April 12, 2024 apps & apple Fuck AI, give me some good old feature A small tip for repeating tasks in Things 3 April 8, 2024 productivity Solving important stuff over here... Design is not my only passion February 9, 2024 meta Let's be honest here On the evolution of digital interfaces February 1, 2024 ux Drag-and-drop, files and folders, and Apple Vision Pro On Stephen King January 30, 2024 books & entertainment The good kind of entertainment Long live opinionated design January 23, 2024 ux & product I love designers that take decisions Shortcut: Get Safari URL as markdown link January 17, 2024 shortcuts Includes beginner tutorial A new album every single day of the year January 16, 2024 music & books A human-curated playlist from every genre >> The Mac as a place January 11, 2024 apple It’s like entering another world Photos from Morocco January 11, 2024 photography Travel. Take pictures. That's what it's about New year, new website: 2024 edition January 10, 2024 meta & css Yep, once again... HazeOver January 10, 2024 apps & tips & discover Turn on focus mode I hate Netflix January 5, 2024 ux & entertainment Why does it have to be this way? Books I read in 2023 January 5, 2024 books A list of the books I read last year, with some ratings, quotes, and impressions. >> Design takes time January 4, 2024 design Especially good design Apps Default 2023 January 2, 2024 apps A list of the apps I use Inspiration 002 - Andrea Pazienza December 12, 2023 inspiration & comics & drawing Raw talent Writing is thinking December 6, 2023 writing Short reflection on why it's important to slow down and start writing, plus some tips. Working a-sync in a 9-to-5 office job September 27, 2023 remote & async You can still make it work Custom style for ilPost.it September 1, 2023 css Focused reading for my favourite newspaper
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