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Last summer, once again, I discover a book my dad had hidden in his library but, as you’ll understand, I’ve waited until now before digging into it.

It’s titled Lunario della Musica: Una canzone per ogni giorno dell’anno (which translates to Music Almanac: A song for every day of the year”) and it’s exactly as it says: every day of the year Carlo Boccadoro, an Italian pianist, composer and musicologist, suggests you an album to listen to.

I’ve only started1 but I’m loving it.

The book definitely pushes you out of your bubble2 but, at the same time, it provides you with a few-pages description for every album, explaining why it’s part of the list.

The genres space from jazz, to classical, pop, rock, folk, and many more. And it’s pleasant to find recommendations the old way, without any algorithm involved.

In the last few days I’ve listened to:

  • Michael Franks: Sleeping Gypsy (Jazz - Mellow)
  • Niccolò Castiglioni: Inverno-In-Ver (Classical–Reflective)
  • Isaac Hayes: Hot Buttered Soul (Soul/R&B–Soulful)
  • Antonio Zambrini: «Antonia» e altre canzoni (Jazz–Vibey) 😍
  • Paul McCartney: McCartney (Rock/Pop–Whimsical) 😍
  • Anatol Ljadov: Orchestral Works (Classical–Grand)
  • Sandy Denny: Gold Dust (Folk, Rock–Nostalgic)
  • David Sanborn: Upfront (Jazz–Energetic) 😍
  • Bob Dylan: Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan (Folk, Blues–Poetic) 😍

I’m trying to keep an up-to-date playlist in Apple Music but I can’t promise I’ll add all the 365 albums to it. Still, I’ll try.

This is definitely one of the most interesting projects/habits I’ve taken on in a while and I highly suggest you to try it, even if, unfortunately, the book doesn’t have an English edition.3

After all, it’s only January: there’s no better time to start!

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  1. Actually, I’m already behind and catching up↩︎

  2. It’s fair to say it often shoves you↩︎

  3. I still think it’s worth it to buy it and translate the album’s pages when listening to it. With nowadays technology there’s really no excuse.↩︎

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