Tula on the grass

Born: Apr 25, 2020
Breed: Mix with Shorthaired German Pointer
Weight: ~22Kg



  • Breakfast. One cup of dry food
  • Short walk. 10/15 minutes are usually more than enough


  • Long walk. We usually go to the park and play with the ball for up to 1h


  • Short walk. Only if you didn’t have enough time for a long walk in the afternoon or you feel like going out
  • Dinner. One cup of dry food


  • Last one. Just before going to bed, we take her outside for a really short time so she can pee before going to sleep



Tula is allergic to some kind of meat, we don’t exactly now which one, which is why we keep her on an insects based diet (we try to keep her off of dairy products as well).

Even the treats she gets are either insect based, vegan, or vegetarian. If she gets some normal treat from time to time it’s not an issue, as long as it’s not every day.


She doesn’t have a particular routine but we usually feed her at these hours:

  • 08:00–09:00 One cup of dry food
  • 18:00–19:00 One cup of dry food

She then gets a few treats during the day. Usually this happens when we come back together from a walk or once we get back home after leaving her alone for some time.


At home she’s used to go on the couch or even the bed if she wants to but, of course, feel free to stop her if she tries the same at your place.


Tula sleeps a lot and is not an early morning type of dog. There’s no need to rush downstairs at 07:00. Just wait for her to ask to go out, knowing that this can happen even as late as at 11:30, or walk her around 09:30/10:30 like we do.


When walking her, be aware that she pulls a lot. It’s something we are still trying to teach her.

Feel free to let her off the leash if the area is safe and there’s enough space around. She won’t run away and is pretty good at coming back when calling her.

With humans

Tula tends to ignore human beings, cyclists and children included, unless they have food (obviously).

With other dogs

Playing with other dogs is not her favourite thing unless she finds someone that she really likes. This doesn’t mean that she gets aggressive, she just ignores them.

Ball or no ball

If you start playing with a ball she’ll get obsessed and ignore everything else around her.

This has pros and cons. It’s good if there’s no one around and you want her to get tired (good luck because it might require hundreds of throws) but, if you want her to familiarise or play with other dogs it’s better to avoid showing her that you have a ball.


Tula loves swimming and fetching sticks you throw in the water. The only catch is that she needs to be able to get in the water gently because otherwise she won’t jump.


  • Bad girl: Cattiva
  • Ball: Pallina (small) / Palla (big)
  • Bed (for dogs): Cuccia
  • Come here: Vieni
  • Drop it: Lascia
  • Fetch the ball: Riporta la pallina
  • Go to your bed: Vai a cuccia
  • Good girl: Brava
  • Let’s go: Andiamo
  • Sit: Seduta
  • Stay: Ferma
  • Stop: Basta